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Feature Request: time record / no-record option


an option for cams not to record / take snapshots at set time frames / time periods would be useful. So to record only when one is at work or not record at night when it is too dark, thus saving disk space and/or CPU resorces.

-- EvilPete - 01 Jun 2005

Follow up

This has been requested before I rejected it then as I do now.

No matter how I try and implement this feature someone will always want something more.

We originally added this function to the XMLRPC control set and later in the http control so that people can do ANYTHING with motion using a simple cron job. Cron is so easy to use and can do all the things people ever will need in combination with the http interface.

http://domain:port/thread/detection gives you the ability to start and stop Motion detection without affecting the webcam, timelapse, snapshots etc.

So you have the feature using http and cron.


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