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Feature Request: New conversion specifiers for the time an event started


I would like to be able to set up motion to store still images from an event in a directory named by the time the event started. I can get close by using %F/%H:%M-cameraname, but when an event spans two or more minutes, the images get split up into different directories. I would like some new conversion specifiers that correspond to the time the event began, as opposed to the time the image is being created.

-- TWikiGuest - 30 Jun 2005

Follow up


The problem with that is that 80% of all the current conversion specifiers are the same from the C-function strftime. Nearly the entire alphabet is used now. Adding additional specifiers would mean taking away more of the existing which other users may not be very happy about.

Maybe a better way would be to redefine the event number. Maybe that could be a a thing that could be configured using conversion specifiers. I would think people could live with not having both a simple number and a the new definition as long as I create a specifier that is the serial event number.

-- KennethLavrsen - 30 Jun 2005

I have implemented a new convertion specifier %C and a corresponding config file option text_event.

text_event can be specified to anything text_left/right can be specified for including all conversion specifiers (except %C itself). The main difference is that the time values are for the time of the first motion detection within the current event.

First Motion release with this feature is 3.2.4_snap2. MotionRelease3x2x4snap2

-- KennethLavrsen - 04 Sep 2005

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