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Feature Request: Maskfile for the brightness


With a maskfile for the brightness i can disable dark or bright area.

Is motion able to make this or is the auto brightness funktion a funktion from the cam, so that motion cannot make this?

-- TWikiGuest - 14 Aug 2005

Follow up


The auto brightness feature measures the light in the entire picture independently of the mask file.

And the feature then adjusts the camera (or in the case of capture card - the capture card itself).

The current mask file is used to mask off motion detection. And that will often have nothing to do with masking off a too bright area.

In most cases the camera itself has a brightness adjustment and then it is best that Motion does not try also to adjust things.

So to implement your feature we would have to introduce yet another mask. And it would only really work with cameras that do not auto-adjust themselves.

I think the cost in processor power is high versus the benefits. But maybe a more simplistic method could be used. I will think about.

-- KennethLavrsen - 14 Aug 2005

I use motion too look out the window, and so I have a very dark area (part of the wall) and light area (outside). In this case, the light area, in which I want to detect motion, is often overexposed, while the wall, in which I'm not interested, looks good. A brightness mask would be great...

-- JosR - 04 Sep 2009
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