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Feature Request: for cctv - alarm/event is trigged if no video signal


for a cctv system would be good to be able to perform an action if there is no video signal i.e the camera has been messed with or theres a problem

-- StephenColes - 19 Aug 2005

Follow up


We actually have an old patch which we did not want to implement because it was only working on bttv.

In 3.2.3 we now have some code handling this situation with netcams. And it is on my plan to extend it to bttv cams.

There is a guy Per working on the V4L2 implementation. I will ask him if he can return a positive error code from the capture function so we can handle it like netcams.

And then step two - the on_xxx function is easy to do.

So we will get this feature but it will take a while.

-- KennethLavrsen - 19 Aug 2005

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TopicTitle for cctv - alarm/event is trigged if no video signal
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SubmittedBy Stephen Coles
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