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Feature Request: output_normal, more options


Usually the first frame in a motion capture is not very descriptive of the actual movie made. The possibility to specify either a later frame to be used for the capture or perhaps requesting a big enough motion (think 'threshold' value) for the image to be saved, would be great. The threshold should probably be between the "idle" image and a frame at the beginning of the motion.
This could ofcourse be done by setting the 'threshold' at a fairly high level and using 'pre_capture' to get the earlier movement included in the movie. This would work since the pre_capture is not used as a source for the 'output_normal' capture.

-- MadsenWikholm - 25 Oct 2005

Follow up

Feature is already there

output_normal best

takes the picture with most motion in an event. That must be what you are looking for.

See ConfigOptionOutputNormal

-- KennethLavrsen - 25 Oct 2005


Yeah, that's it. Sorry I missed it in the docs.

-- MadsenWikholm - 26 Oct 2005
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