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Feature Request: Grand Wifi camera ("raw binary dump" posted smile



I'm not really sure if I'm on the right place to post that, but it is about a new camera that Motion does not support with the "video.cgi" Link.

It is ok with 2 frame by second with a link like "my_picture.jpg", but more than 3/sc it crash the Cam's Http server. So, using the "video.cgi" could be a good idea smile Motion works very very very well with 2 frame by second, and that preserve my hard disk space. But may be it can help future users of this cam.

I just post the rawfile (grand_wifi_camera.rawfile). I hope I post it on the right place and done the right things.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful and very useful software.

-- PatriceGaudicheau - 05 Nov 2005

Follow up


Not sure it works with this camera but i have a Grand IP Camrera that is not Wifi and the worst quality picture, webserver and documentation i have ever seen.

I have found out that pointing motion (and Firefox) to /Webcam.jpg (case sensitive) i get a nice mjpeg stream like the one video.cgi give from other brands.

Give it a try, hope it helps wink Klaus

-- TWikiGuest - 18 Nov 2005

Seems to have its fix. Closing this as rejected.

-- KennethLavrsen - 18 Dec 2005
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