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Feature Request: Timelapse Daily



I know that this have nothing to do with the main use of motion but as it is close to have the feature anyway i wish for this:

I am running Motion in my freetime house for survilance use and beside of that i am using the timelapse feature to make a daily movie at 5 min. intervals. I have the wish for a function to make a daily timelapse taking tex. 4-8 frames each day at 12.00 to get a season timelapse movie.

The 'snapshot interval' don't seem to be right for this task but if anyone have an idea on how to do the thing without changing anything in motion i will be happy for that too.

Hope you get the idea, each day at xx.xx take xx shots adding them to a timelapse movie. wink

Thanks to all for this great work you are doing here, it's great.

-- TWikiGuest - 01 Dec 2005

Follow up

The feature itself is too special to become a Motion feature.

But you can do what you want easily.

Use a cron job to enable the timelapse every day at a specific time with the interval that you want. And then right after set it back to 0 again.

Cron only runs every minute so you probably have to use a sleep inside a small bash script called from cron to give the interval between start and end.

Your script simply calls the URL that sets the timelapse option.

See RemoteControlHttp

-- KennethLavrsen - 18 Dec 2005


The Cron Job is a nice solution to the feature i wanted but i cant see how to do that in practice when having the normal timelapse at 5 min. intervals running.

Can I change the Timelapse filename and timeplapse time 'on the run' and then go back to the normal filename/timelapsetime without destroing anything?

If so that's a solution i can use by at 12.01 change name & settime 10 sec., at 12.02 change name back & settime 300 again.

A must try to do, Thanks smile

-- TWikiGuest - 20 Dec 2005
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