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Feature Request: System signal to capture video when no motion is present


Is it possible to make motion recognize an external signal (similar to SIGUSR1) that will make it capture a configurable number of seconds of video? This would allow an external program to trigger capture even when motion is not present in the field of vision Thanks!

-- TWikiGuest - 24 Dec 2005

Follow up


Really good idea, I'll be interested too. (To turn on a light in the night based onto a personal detector)

Many thanks to developpers, it's a wonderful soft!

F. Gerin, Belgium

-- FrancoisGerin - 05 May 2006

I want to either activate Motion capture when a specific sound signature is present like a dog barking, or motion being present, and then redirect /dev/video0 to a different application like xawtv to record a short high quality video clip with sound whilst that sound event is present. This could also work using PIR's etc to record sound in total darkness when your camera's are black.

-- MikeMullins - 30 May 2006

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