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Feature Request: Camera Repositioning with a mask


If one has created a mask file (of some degree of complication) and then the camera gets (accidentially) bumped or moved, then to reposition the camera back to its original exact orientation boils down to a lengthy exercise of trial-and-error. One wants to get the orientation exactly correct to align with the mask file he so carefully created. THEREFORE, if there were a way to display the current image from the camera WITH the camera's mask file overlayed on top, it would make the chore of aligning the camera much easier. Even better would be the mask area shown as a "cross-hatch" where some of the image is allowed to be displayed but the mask area is clearly defined, sort of like looking thru a window screen or window blinds. The display of this type would be only temporary, while the owner is physically aligning the camera and viewing the result of each adjustment on the monitor. Once completed, this "mode" would be turned off and normal operating would continue.

-- GregSwift - 04 Jan 2006

Follow up


Excuse me if I have missed anyone's reply to this GREAT idea, but after two and a half years, isn't this still a GREAT idea, am I the only one in the world who wants this. I find it hard to believe. If anyone else thinks this simple request/idea has any merit, please speak up ! ! ! ! ! !

-- GregSwift - 22 Jun 2008
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