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Feature Request: Web Server Cam Cycling


I have the notion that it would be useful if the web server was able to multiplex the pictures from several cams - for say 1 or 2 seconds each whilst zero motion. When motion was detected it would switch to the cam with motion or cycle between the motion cams if more than became active.

The advantage would be a lower bandwidth when monitoring several cams and the need for only one viewer or faster switching to cam with motion.

This is different from RoundRobin as it only effects the output of the web server - not any of the other detection features.

-- DickMiddleton - 24 Feb 2006

Follow up

That feature is beyong the scope of motion , of course is a nice feature but that is related to a motion frontend . Not hard to do a web frontend to get this feature.

-- AngelCarpintero - 27 Feb 2006


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