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Feature Request: on_cameralost event


I think it would be nice with a handler to external commands on errors, that could be used to send a mail, call thru asterisk or whatever sort of notification one would like.

I dont think that the single "Error reading image header" should trigger an event but in situations where the thread die ( and other) or when the thread seems to live but with a gray image ( and other) it would be great with some kind of notification other than scanning the syslog.

I think the function need to live in the main motion thread if it should work when a thread die but i dont really know that much of how motion works 'under the hood'.
It need to be a single event eventualy with a similar notification in case that the error gets corrected so if tex. the camera is set to restart or a network cable is replaced it would give a single 'error event' and a 'error corrected event' but some kind of notification is badly needed here so just the 'error event' itself would be nice.

Dont know if this is possible at all but hope that the idea and explanation is to understand. smile

perhaps just an 'on_error' parsing an error type/text and threadnumber would be more usefull making it up to the called handler to find out what to do with that error eg. restart motion, reboot camera, send mail, make phonecall or whatever.

-- TheOtherBug - 08 Apr 2006

Follow up


Please, please, please someone implement this feature frown, sad smile

-- BobSaggeth - 26 Sep 2007

That it's being implemented in

-- AngelCarpintero - 12 Oct 2007

A late reply, thank you very much. smile


-- TheOtherBug - 25 Jun 2009

Forget to update this feature request.

-- AngelCarpintero - 08 Jul 2009

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