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Feature Request: Don't motion detect on every frame


I'm running a Logitech 4000 at 640x480 on a PII-450. Works really well at 5fps until night-time, when I need to use despeckle to get motion out of the noise (night_compensate and noise_tune don't cut it).

With despeckle activated, CPU use goes to about 90%, which is no good when this machine is primarily a web and mail server. Dropping the frame rate to 3fps gets back to sane CPU usage.

This got me thinking - could we do motion detection every other frame (or every nth frame) and just pass through the intermediate frame(s) to the recorded video? I'd like to record at 5fps, but motion-detecting at 1fps is fine. I guess this is similar to the low_cpu option, but for use when motion is occurring.

-- MarkTranchant - 20 Apr 2006

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