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Feature Request: motion detects diffrent motions


hej : ) motion is a suuper great program : )

but i'm searching a tool to locate a motion and get the coordinations of this detected motions. or better i would like to give some fixed coordinate and when one of them is changeing, an external script starts.

greetings. patrick.

-- PatScho - 23 Apr 2006

Follow up


sorry, my english is horrible : ) i've ment, that i need a program to set by example 30 fixed positions. when one of those positions is detecting a movement, a specifield script for this postition will start : )

-- PatScho - 25 Apr 2006

You can use on_xxxx events in example:

specially take a look to %K , %L ( )

-- AngelCarpintero - 27 Apr 2006
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