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Feature Request: Change Log?


Change Log? It would be nice to be able to see the changelog here on the wiki, a link to CVS would be fine. It takes a lot of effort to upgrade to a new version, you have to spend time testing it etc... to make sure it doesn't crash, so I have to pick and choose which version I want to upgrade to. It's important to be able to come here and quickly look to see what has been added and decide if I want to spend the time upgrading or not.

-- TWikiGuest - 30 Apr 2006

Follow up

You did not look very carefully.

This project has better change logs that most projects.

Each release. Both snapshots and real releases have very detailed release notes with all the changes described with links to the feature request, bug report or patch topic if applicable.

See ReleaseNotes

Also the Motion TWiki has a server side include of the current SVN (We use SVN and not CVS) in which you can see the CHANGELOG file. This gets updated each time we commit changes.

See MotionSourceTree and note the file CHANGELOG

Finally. At each release where we change options the Motion Guide has an upgrade section helping you to upgrade. MotionGuideInstallation > UpgradingFromOlderVersion

I think we have already more than what can be expected.

-- KennethLavrsen - 01 May 2006


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