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Feature Request: Split image view


Is it possible to generate a 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 split image using all camera threads and put this in to one additional mjpeg stream? This would lead to less cpu overhead on both the client and the server. Example: 4 cams at 5 fps are 20 fps, 4 cams in a split view 4x4 are still 5 fps combined.

-- AxelAmthor - 09 May 2006

Follow up


Still 5 fps yes but still the same 4 x data size unless you resize the result. If you resize or is mixing the pictures to one you get increased CPU usage and not less.


-- TheOtherBug - 09 May 2006

I would like to pick this up again. Currently, my idea is the following: I have a couple of cams running. Motion box is in our cellar in a tech room (electrical installs etc.). Upstairs, in the livingroom, there's a tv set (where else?). I want to have all cams on the tv available with my rc. Solution one: each cam with an Y-connector connected both to the motion box and to a splitter, splitter-out connected to a VHF transmitter, this looped in to the sat antenna cable. Bad idea, since gain will drop and pictures overall will get lossy, due to the Y-connector. Solution two: IF, and if, there would be a combined stream of all cams 2x2, 3x3 etc. like splitter produces, this stream could be directed to the loopback device. If a program like xawtv ist started on a console, I would be able to pick up the video signal directly from tv out of the gfx board and loop it in to the antenna cable without the need for a splitter and with no loss. How about that?

-- AxelAmthor - 24 Nov 2007
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