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Feature Request: time lapse video if motion is detected.



It would be nice is there is future which captures a video if motion is detected. In most commercial CCTV Recorders you have only 1 video file per camera. For example you specify for camera1 to use 10 gb of hdd space. It captures maybe 5 frames per second if motion is detected and if no motion 0 frames. After the 10 gb of space are full it starts to overwrite the file from the beginning…

I hope you understand what I mean.

I tried a lot of commercial cctv systems at work and this is one feature I’m missing in MOTION.


-- PyroMUC - 06 Jun 2006

Follow up


motion already supports the feature to generate a video file everytime motion is detected (if that is what you were looking for)

Although it does not have the ability place multiple recorded detected "events " into a single file (this is limitation of the codec).

If you just want to view all the events together (or a subset) if you can simply create a playlist file then play the "playlist" ( this is what I do ).

otherwise, if you really want to all events for a particular camera ( or day ) in one big single file, you can merge them yourself using a application like ffmpeg

-- EvilPete - 24 Jul 2006
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