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Feature Request: Digital zoom


I'm using the Logitech 4000 webcam that has a digital zoom feature. My webcam is located a bit far from the surveillance area, so I would want to use the webcam zoomed in if possible. Can this be done with the existing options? A new digital zoom feature (zoom option) would be great.

If it's possible to utilise digital zoom, I quess it would be possible to make digital motion tracking by digital zoom/pan?

-- JussiJarvela - 21 Jul 2006

Follow up


Your camera does not have digital zoon. Your camera program has.

All a digital zoom does is take only a fraction of the normal camera picture. Digital zoom is worthless.

If you need only a fraction of the picture then either move camera closer, change lens or cut the pictures afterwards.

It is not a feature I plan to put in Motion. You can cut the pictures with an external program using the on_xxxxx options.

-- KennethLavrsen - 21 Jul 2006
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