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Feature Request: EXIF information for pictures


It would be VERY NICE if motion could create EXIF metadata for the pictures. Stating the event number, time, changed pixels.. or etc.. A even more neat idea is to be able to modify what kind of data goes into the EXIF file portion using the same TextString macros that are used for the filename argumentss.

-- AngelVera - 20 Nov 2006

Follow up

I think that feature was already sent ... i'm not sure but i guess it was accepted, but with low priority.

-- AngelCarpintero - 21 Nov 2006


I agree. Searching for EXIF on here only turns up this page though.

-- StephTheGeek - 01 Sep 2007

Maybe you can use a command line tool to add this information. There exists some of them, one is as You can run the tool at on_picture_save command to add the desired information.

-- DagErlandsson - 02 Sep 2007

I wanted this feature also, so I implemented it in my copy: it adds a timestamp and a comment string (which can contain motion %foo substitutions) to each saved jpeg. I will probably upload a patch soon.

-- WimLewis - 06 Aug 2010

I have uploaded ExifTaggingPatch which adds this capability.

-- WimLewis - 18 Nov 2010

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