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Feature Request: video input from file.


I am looking for a way to automatically create a Edit Decision List (EDL) from video captured by multiple cameras. To do this I need to be able to detect the frame number and time that motion is detected on a given file. Is there a way to pass video files into motion instead of camera feeds?

-- BrandonHoult - 16 Feb 2007

Follow up


I also need a way to input files. I have videos captured from my DV camcorder and need to find out when motion occurs in them. Is there some way to pipe the video files to this program?

-- KenRushia - 22 Mar 2007

I've added in vloopback page a FAQ to use firewire cams as a V4L device.

-- AngelCarpintero - 01 Apr 2007

Hours and hours of recorded video of bird nests, (mp4, mov, I can use any format really) and I've got to search through for motion . . . birds arriving, leaving, parents switching incubation, etc, so I need a way to scan through the recorded video.

Doing this from a live stream is a no-go, as the nests are scattered over two continents and a tropical island where a network connection isn't available and never will be.

Any ideas on how to adapt your software to this, or any other ideas?

-- MarcWhitaker - 17 Feb 2014

I too would like to use Motion for analyzing a video data file to detect motion within hours of prerecorded data from surveillance cameras positioned around the outside of my house. I record the data on a DVR currently. I need not have a computer running while the DVR records hours of data. Afterwards, if I could process the video files using Motion on a PC in order to glean any frames that show motion detected, this would be a swell way to get it done efficiently.

-- JohnWallace - 25 Apr 2014

This would be really useful for post processing video from remote raspberry pi's. I want to place a pi where there is no wifi/ethernet and have it record video to it's micro sd card. Later, I will collect the micro sd card and then post process the video files. The pi doesn't use much power so it can be places with a battery in remote locations and gather the video.

-- GregBrandeau - 11 Sep 2015
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