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Feature Request: A gui


a graphical gui...

-- ThierryC - 12 Mar 2007

Follow up


See third bullet in MotionMissionStatement

Motion is written to be a daemon without a GUI. But it is also written so people can build web based front ends with a nicer GUI.

If you look in RelatedProjects you can find several examples of work people have made.

If this is still not enough of you then I am not afraid to guide you to a brother open source project Zone Minder.

But Motion will not get a built-in GUI because that is not the idea behind Motion. Motion is a daemon that runs in the background using as little CPU and memory as possible.

-- KennethLavrsen - 13 Mar 2007

ok thk for anwser, but it s for configuration, because it s little hard when you are not a ligne command pro.(sorry for my english)

-- ThierryC - 13 Mar 2007

I would think that a simple python file with a tkinter-GUI to alter the script could help tremendously.

-- AnastasiusNadelholz - 23 Aug 2014
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