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Feature Request: EDICAM IC-1500


Hello, need support for EDICAM IC-1500 will place a raw file

Regards Jörg

-- JoergStickdorn - 20 Mar 2007


IP-Cam name is EDIMAX IC-1500

-- JoergStickdorn - 20 Mar 2007

Follow up

That camare seems that uses Mjpeg Motion , that is not supported by motion, but will be supported ... could you provide a link to test it ?

-- AngelCarpintero - 01 Apr 2007

I've no Link but I got this feedback from support:

************************************************************************ Dear customer:

There are three ways to get images from IC1500:

1. Using IE browser to open IC1500 web page. (need activeX supported)

2. Type snapshot.jpg to get a single image. (IE and Firefox) For example: snapshot.jpg or snapshot.jpg

3. Type http://camera-ip:webport/snapshot.cgi to get a JPEG stream. (Only supported by Firefox) For example: or (Maybe also need press F5 to refresh web page to make it work.)

Username and password is required when you get video stream.

Thank you for using Edimax product.


the cgi stream works with motion but is not stable... after some hours the connection breaks... you have a lot of motion recordings from unstable frames...

Regards Joerg

-- JoergStickdorn - 17 Apr 2007

Could you do a better description of "is not stable" ?

Did you look at motion logs to see if the problem was a connection lost or a problem with some bad pictures ?

Maybe the problem comes from a poor cgi implementation from Edimax ... just a guess

-- AngelCarpintero - 23 Apr 2007
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