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Greetings, motion is amazing!

I have 4 sources, each records frames into their own folder and then at the end of the day a perl script compiles them into various videos (all frames by source, snapshots only, motion only, and all frames by time). Unfortunently there are to many frames to use a simple mv command so I must resort to a far slower find trick. In order to simplify the daily compilation process I would like to simply place all the frames in a single folder where they are named %timestamp-{video source #}{%q frame or "sn"apshot}.jpg based on each threadX.conf file.

This is all good and well, however doing so causes a single lastsnap.jpg symlink to be created to just one of the sources. A minor drawback, but I've built a webpage with a table who's background images are the lastsnap.jpg images and atop those are the video stream mjpegs, if I've opened those ports to outside machines, which I haven't. So at home I see the live streams, but at work I only get the latest snapshots. It's a neat trick I think...

So, It would be nice to have a "snapshot_linkname = lastsnapX.jpg" option to use within each threadX.conf file. Perhaps this could also be utilized to disable the snapshot feature per FeatureRequest2006x07x16x092729 if such a new option were simply left empty...

-- RyanFulcher - 07 Apr 2007

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