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Feature Request: optionaly disable event mask durning motion event


in some installations it would be useful to have the sensitivity Mask disabled during motion events.

eg: if i set up a camera in view of my driveway and the sidewalk I may want to set up a mask so motion on the sidewalk does not trigger recording, but if there is motion on my driveway I would not want it to stop recording just cause the person stepped outside the masked area.

thus a switch that disables the mask temporarily after recording events starts (reenabling the mask when the "event" ends (when motion is no longer detected)

-- EvilPete - 12 Apr 2007

Follow up


I have attached a patch which might be what you want. I haven't tested it for actual function on my system, but I know that it compiles and executes ok (doesn't crash).

The changes are quite simple really, I would be interested to hear if it works or not.

You need to set a parameter in the configuration file called 'mask_disable_motion' to on:

# Disable all masks when motion has been detected (default: off)
# This ensures that events do not end until all motion in the frame ceases
# and not just that in un-masked areas.
mask_disable_motion     on

The patch is against SVN174. There should be no problems patching the latest SVN version, but I noticed yesterday that the current SVN version, 178, did not compile for me, there was a problem in track.c. Hopefully that has been fixed! Otherwise you will have to use an older version to patch.

-- SimonW - 20 Apr 2007

Funny that you need this feature. Normally the things people mask off are unwanted - even after Motion is depected. Otherwise a little noise starts an event that just never wants to end.

I will want to think about if this feature should be standard or maybe added in a modified way.

Does it also cancel the smartmask?

-- KennethLavrsen - 20 Apr 2007

I had thought that an event could go on 'for ever' with this patch, but I'm hoping that Pete will report if it suits him.

Yes, it does cancel the smartmask. It should be simple to make it affect just the mask file, if desired. The functional changes are just a few lines in alg.c, everything else is provision for the new config file option and making a variable visible globally.

-- SimonW - 21 Apr 2007

Exactly a feature I'm wanting as well. I'm masking the street in front of my house, but if someone breaks in I'd like to be able to watch their car drive off afterwords.

-- LeRoy - 04 Oct 2007

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