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Feature Request: Startup motion on demand


Hello, I use motion as MJPEG streaming software and find it useful. The output is playable on vlc player. I find ways to start Motion only on demand, for example when open page, binded to motion's internal web server, or access it via vlc. This is needed for reduce CPU & USB usage when nobody uses camera; and for turn on light in room only when motion is active, room lamp controlled from LED diode on camera (and this lamp switcher work well if I manually start & stop motion, and also work automatically under Windows & webcamxp). Maybe the way to get this is to use inetd. I configure inetd, he starts motion on demand, but motion stops with error:
[1] bind(): Address already in use [1] Problem enabling stream server in port 81: Address already in use [1] Thread exiting [1] Closing webcam listen socket [1] Closing active webcam sockets: Bad file descriptor
I did not find options in motion which control this. In proftpd, for example, there are present:
ServerType standalone ;ServerType inetd
and proftpd starts on demand (any connection to port 21).

Please add the ability of startup motion daemon via inetd. Thanks.

-- JpkaJ - 31 Oct 2007

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