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Feature Request: HTML output on motion control


The HTML output on motion control isn't valid HTML to some extent. Sample:

<a href=/1/config/get><- back</a><br><br>
<b>Thread 1</b><br>
<li>text_left = Kamera 1&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href='/motion_guide/motion_guide.html#text_left' target=_blank>[help]</a></li></body>
The <li> Element is only valid within an <ul> Element. Parsing this with an HTML parser programmatically leads to errors. Either the <li> is ommited or an <ul>...</ul> is added.

The "<- back" isn't HTML either. The < must be encoded, so &lt;&ndash; would be the propper encoding for a text-like left arrow:

<– back

Can this be applied?

-- AxelAmthor - 25 Nov 2007

Follow up

This is actually a bug report. Naturally Motion should use valid html so I opened BugReport2007x11x25x102808


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