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Feature Request: Filtering AFTER despeckle and IN-BETWEEN



I highly appreciate good work already done to motion, its a piece of code which i would write by myself if you haven't done it already. And it's working nicely. But...

If you have lots of dust in the air and its the night, and your camera is lightening target bi IR LED's, the dust which is close to lens is big as hell (1/8 of screen) and is comparable in size to distant human that is not lit well so its almost same dark as almost (virtually - seen by cam) transparent piece of dust. But if i could have a filter AFTER despeckle which can do two big dots of dust and distant human, human is almost always more intensive dot. So, filtering out should remove even biggest dust seen anytime and that is what i need. Maybe I could patch your code, but it would be slow job (i would need to know it first) and i wouldnt be public (or maybe you would include it)... Thats why i rather propose this to you.

My idea is:

Despeckle: eEdDFeEdDFl

where F is filter

Thats all. I think its a quick patch for you, maintainer of the code.

Thanks in advance.

-- KrzychS - 01 Dec 2007

Follow up

Your idea is good but not quite clear how should motion achive it , please try to give an code example or at least pseudo code.

-- AngelCarpintero - 06 Jan 2008


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