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Feature Request: Movement blobs detection


As far as I understand labeling (marking movement in all pixels of the same colour in the neighbourhood of changed pixel?) it seems there is one big feature to do for motion. Detection of blobs of motion. It should help mostly in detecting large objects moving only partially (for example, a human that moved a leg AND arm, but nothing more) in cooperation with despeckle (two not so small blobs nearby enhanced by despeckle should easily create one big blob which will be much closer to human size than just arm or leg. But... without an algorithm of analyzing such blobs its maybe not quite usable.... But i have no idea right now what to do next in mathematical manner... Just idea of what it maybe could be usable for - a cat detection to ignore by size? by average colour maybe? Its a quite stupid without a clue, but I hope that someone can find any clue, im not good mathematician...

By the way, finding blob should be very easy - like fill (flood) but almost reverse... Start at every changed pixel and clear it if it has more than three neighbours... It should create empty shapes when its possible. Of course with 'dotted' shapes it will fail by creating multiple blobs but u can erode first any small dots.

I dont know that I made myself clear... but i hope so smile


-- KrzychS - 03 Dec 2007

Follow up


This feature is already there: Despeckle. It can eliminate noise with the 'eEdD' functions and it detects blobs of motion with the labeling function 'l'. BTW: Motion is not using color information to detect motion. The result is a better performance with an acceptable level of motion detection.

I haven't had any good idea what to do with the label information yet, but maybe we'll find one some day.

-- JoergWeber - 03 Dec 2007
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