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Feature Request: Image output resize from original source video size durring jpeg compression?


It might be handy to be able to define alternate dimensions of an image from that at which they were captured. Perhaps this would be an easy task for the jpeg compression routine to handle. For example, I had four cameras at 352x288, but recently replaced one with a newer vga 640x480 camera. If the new camera is told to capture at 352x288 then it's field of view is simply narrowed. So I would like to capture at 640x480 but have the images saved at 352x288 like the rest of the cameras so that post-capture compilation of frames into a common video will work. For the moment I suppose I'll just have to reduce the image sized before creating a video as another step in the post-production script.

-- RyanFulcher - 21 Jan 2008

Follow up

I didn't at first notice this request FeatureRequest2006x07x06x213319 and the suggestion to use an on_picture_save event script, I'll give that a try. -- RyanFulcher - 21 Jan 2008


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TopicTitle Image output resize from original source video size durring jpeg compression?
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SubmittedBy RyanFulcher
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