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Feature Request: recreate the minimum_gap option?


I know it was removed in 3.2.7 (as per the docs here) but I found it to be a useful option that cannot be replaced with minimum_frame_time. I'd like to request that you add it back.

What I want is both a fast reaction time to motion, but also the ability to limit the rate at which images are collected. I'd be happy to run motion at, say, 1fps collection, but with minimum_gap of 15 seconds. This costs more CPU than, say, 'minimum_frame_time = 15', but it avoids the problem where someone can walk across the field of view in 15 seconds and not even have a picture taken. It is also more deterministic. Motion is always reacted to within 1 second, even if I only save 4 frames/minute.

-- SaC - 23 Mar 2008

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