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Feature Request: Add "camera name" as config option, format specifier


So there is a thread number format specifier, but no name. It'd simply (my) configuration if there was a way to name a camera: cameraName=frontdoor

Then in the filenames and elsewhere, another format specifier could be used. Currently I just have redundant information all over.

It could also come in handy with the http interface- instead of "host/1/config/get?query=text_left", a user could do "host/frontdoor/config/get?query=text_left".

-- TedTimmons - 14 Jun 2008

Follow up

It will implemented within Config Range Checking item in our RoadMap.

-- AngelCarpintero - 15 Jun 2008


I too vote for this, in fact, I patch all my motion installed with a patch that adds text_cameraname and text_user - text_user is where I keep the sound_device associated with the camera.

text_user unlike text_event doesn't get changed every event but rather set once.

See my attached patch smile

-- RomanGaufman - 15 Jun 2008
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