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Feature Request: super resolution


Nice program, thanks.

Most security cameras are low resolution (example 640x480) and it is difficult to positively identify someone. There is a technique for combining multiple images to get a much better image:

I would find this very useful.

-- JonZeeff - 15 Jun 2008

Follow up


As I understand it super-resolution is just upscaling with a decent algorithm and (optionally) using motion prediction/compensation algorithms which are already provided by your video codec?

So why not just run a mencoder process on_movie_end that will upscale video by 4x and use a quality codec at high bitrate like x264?

-- RomanGaufman - 15 Jun 2008

It does typically use motion prediction, but to fill in pixels that don't exist in either image. I can save all the jpegs and post process, but at the 30 fps needed, I think the load is a problem.

-- JonZeeff - 15 Jun 2008

Jon , that feature is nice but doing in "real time" on every frame motion detection is not acceptable, but of course could be done in post capture from jpeg file

or even saving files in raw data ( YUV ) to NFS share.

So Implement it in motion as a post process filter is not acceptable for now.

-- AngelCarpintero - 15 Jun 2008

I agree that it should be a program outside of motion.

Here are some examples of what it can do:

-- JonZeeff - 04 Oct 2008

It is true that hi-res netcams are very expensive. However rather than an interpolating solution, maybe looking along the analog camera route would be useful:

The Aviosys IP9100A has a useful feature - its max sample resolution is 704x576. Coupled with a 420 or 480 line analog CCTV camera, and an appropriate focal length lens (many analog cameras support interchangeable lenses), it is likely you would be able to identify someone or a license plate. See WorkingDevices

The IP9100A is quite slow, you get around 2-3fps on all 4 channels enabled, or ~10fps for only one channel. It is, however, much cheaper than a hi-res netcam.

-- SimonW - 13 Oct 2008
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