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Feature Request: link multiple cameras


it would be a great feature to link some cameras.. so i got a camera inside and outside.. the one outside i can't keep running with motion detection because of too much greenstuff waving in the wind.. smile now it would be nice to record from both cameras (perhaps even with presaved pictures from outside) when motion is detected on the inner camera (viewing the windows/door). this would also be possible if i could send commands to running motion.. so the rest could be done by a shell script startet from on_event by the inner cam.

-- DavidSpuler - 10 Jul 2008

Follow up


You can do it already using web control API :

- setting output_all=on in outside camera when you want to start recording and output_all=off to stop

{camera 1} on_event_start run an bash script to run some wget or other http client to run API web control in {camera 2}

-- AngelCarpintero - 10 Jul 2008
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