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Feature Request: Support for Airlink 101 AICN500W


I am looking for support to be added for the Airlink 101 AICN500W Wireless network camera. I am unable to get a a tcpdump from it as it requires authentication. I would however if needed be able to point you to a url that you can find the camera and a guest user ID to dump dump it using some other tool.

-- GarretteGrouwstra - 04 Aug 2008

Follow up

You can get a mjpeg dump using :

It's support basic auth, so you need to get it , change some defines in source code , compile and run.

-- AngelCarpintero - 05 Aug 2008


do I need to try to get the camera to be seen my motion(direct a tread to it) or do I point the program at the camera itself? if so, do I direct it at the main page or the assumed mjpg stream?

-- GarretteGrouwstra - 08 Aug 2008

the mjpeg dump for this camera is as follows using /cgi/mjpg/mjpeg.cgi

HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: multipart/mixed;boundary=myboundary

--myboundary Content-Length: 11751


the cgi file does not load in firefox as a moving image, and does not appear to work with motion

-- GarretteGrouwstra - 21 Aug 2008
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