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Feature Request: Create symlink to last motion.avi movie


- We have a very usefull lastsnap.jpg simlink, but what about lastmovie.avi simlink ???... - In a web page we can post a link with last picture (static jpg snapshot taken at every 30 min. for example) and a link with last movie (dynamic avi motion generated movie with ffmpeg), not with live stream like here :

-- FlorinAnton - 03 Sep 2008

Follow up

You can do this without adding any change in motion code , in motion.conf :

on_movie_end /tmp/ %f
echo "Last video $VIDEO"
rm -rf /tmp/last_video.avi
ln -s $VIDEO /tmp/last_video.avi

chmod +x /tmp/

-- AngelCarpintero - 07 Sep 2008


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