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Feature Request: Millisecond precision timestamp


Now we have %s wich gives us the seconds passed since 1970, and we have %q wich gives the frame nr within the second. Unfortunately this is not enough for timing a playback correctly. For that I'd need millisecond precision.

My situation is: I'm grabbing 40 fps from 16 cameras with round_robin_frames 2, and I save to jpeg files. The time between frames from one camera is not equidistant. My temporary solution is to log the frames into postgres wich has a column with default value of 'now()', and that gives me what I need. (Mysql can't do that due to a long due bug)

Coluld you do a %. that gives the millisecond within the second?

Motion is great! Thank you!


-- LaszloVarga - 16 Oct 2008

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