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Feature Request: too dark image event


I think It will be useful if motion detect that image given by camera is TOO DARK (defined by some new parameter) to run some script (defined by new parameter) which can send info (mail,sms) to admin for example "turn on light on back yard ..." or run some external script which automatic turn on light

-- VladoStrenk - 12 Nov 2008

Follow up

I think for this matter is far better do it with a LDR connected to some light , no need to add to motion an extra job.

-- AngelCarpintero - 02 Dec 2008


I plan to do something similar by filtering images based on file size. If the image is a constant colour (black), then the file size is small. After each image is taken, you could run a script to check the image file size. If below a threshold, then send a signal.

In my case, I will run a script during daylight to delete dark images taken the night before. Running the script in daylight will ensure that the latest image link always points to a valid image file.

-- DazzConway - 09 Nov 2010

I have looked into this further. I am using ImageMagick already to add a logo to the image. I will be using ImageMagick to compare each image with a reference 100% black image. The the images are sufficiently similar (meaning both are close to black), then I will discard the motion image. This works better than using just the file size, especially when using low compression, high quality images.

-- DazzConway - 27 Nov 2012
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