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Feature Request: Directory input of JPEG files


I have a web camera that on its own sends pictures via FTP to the machine that stores the individual picture files. This currently works quite well. What I am interested in is motion detection based on the directory. Each file name consists of a unique name (File prefix set in the camera, followed by a date time (to second) and a frame number). The camera sets the interval of sending the frames (in my case, I use 1 minute, but it can be more or less). I would like the motion program to "monitor" a directory and give output (email, whatever) when motion is detected.

I surmise that two modes would exist. The first would be a static analysis of the directory at a fixed time. It would output the change locations. The second would be a dynamic mode where it would look for new files to appear and difference them "on the fly". It would wait for new a new file, and compare it to the "previous" one (or more).

A secondary feature would be to "compile" the JPEG pictures into an MPEG movie while the processing is going on.

Example of the file name produced: Prefix2009041614340001.jpg (Prefix%C%y%m%d%H%M%Sff.jpg, where ff is the frame number).

The Camera I am using is AirLink101 AIC250W, but I suspect others will fit the bill.

-- TomWatson - 17 Apr 2009

Follow up


You can use vloopback:

And vpipe:

Basically make motion listen on a vloopback output and feed whatever you want into the vloopback input with vpipe.

-- RomanGaufman - 20 May 2009

anyone who could give a little more details of how to do this? perhaps the command for piping jpegs into the stream ?

-- SoleViktor - 29 May 2009
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