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Feature Request: Basic security on streaming?


So the HTTP control part has config option to specify basic authent... can we do same for the main stream itself to do basic blocking? i.e., for my petcam install I only want me to be able to view...

-- WeirdBeard - 17 May 2009

Follow up


You can use iptables or a proxy like mod_proxy in apache - or use a cgi to get a single image with apache, then you use implement any auth you want in the cgi. E.g.

-- RomanGaufman - 20 May 2009

I am really interested in this too, but have not been able to do anything as you suggested (I'm a beginner in this stuff). I would love it if it were possible to use iptables to password protect the port where the live feed is on, is this what you mean? Can you point me in a direction with a link as the one for the cgi? Thanks!

-- AlessandroBasso - 08 Mar 2011

I need his feature too, I think is really useful. I check: But I'm beginner too, so I don't know how apply the patch and compile my own version,

At the moment I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS with motion Version 3.2.11 and the password webcam option is not available.

Thank you in advance.

-- JavierRovegno - 13 May 2011

This feature is already include in trunk version. You can get it from svn and build it.


-- AngelCarpintero - 13 May 2011

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