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Feature Request: More text location choices ( already implemented )


The location I've got my camera in results in some dead space at the top of the frame. This would be an ideal place to put the date/time and other information that I'm currently displaying at the bottom - over some of the motion.

It would be useful if there were options for putting text in the other 2 corners, for those of us who've got dead space in locations other than the bottom of the frame.

-- BigMac - 30 May 2009

Follow up

- Extras from :

"...In text_left and text_right you can additionally use '\n' for new line...."

- So , adding new lines with \n , and blank spaces from your keyboard, you can move up your text showing date, time and so on, from bottom of the picture almost anywhere in your picture (even on top of the image)... Feel free to experiment with \n and blank spaces in text_left and text_right from motion.conf. Monitor your changes in Firefox browser located at http://localhost:8081/ (keep in mind your picture dimension - weight and height)

- Extras from :

"...Text features are highly flexible. You can taylor the text displayed on the images and films to your taste and you can add your own user defined text. You are allowed to put the text in quotation marks. This allows you to use leading spaces. By combining spaces and new lines '\n' you can place your text anywhere on the picture. Experiment to find your preferred look...."

-- FlorinAnton - 31 May 2009


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TopicTitle More text location choices ( already implemented )
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