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Feature Request: Cygwin Port (no v4l support necessary immediately)


The current build is not compatible out of the box with Cygwin, inhibiting netcam users from using the cygwin/windows combination from building. I suspect some of this restriction is the daemon capability.

I have a windows xp machine that is on 24/7, but have to currently run Motion in a FreeBSD virtual machine. I have a cheapie D-Link DCS-910 wired ethernet camera, and would very much like to use Motion's netcam capabilities. I noticed there is nothing in the configure script to account for a Cygwin build. I attempted to configure/make for Cygwin with the flag to disable V4L support, with still no success.

My co-worker that referred me to this neat project said he would run Motion also if it were ported to Cygwin, therefore I believe there may be more like us out there. By the way- I love the timelapse and the slick movie auto-gen features...very cool!

Thanks, Tom

-- TomBuaas - 21 Aug 2009

Follow up


By the way, I just installed the latest beta of Cygwin 1.7, and it appears to have support for some of the stuff missing in the last stable release of Cygwin (1.5.?). I also was able to comment-out/remove the calls and definition of become_daemon() to get around cygwin's inability to deal with the code I'll settle for non-daemon mode in Cygwin for now. Also I configured with "--without-v4l". In addition there was a very small "install" involved of copying the binary and config file into place, but it appears to work for my netcam so far!

-- TomBuaas - 21 Aug 2009

You can submit a patch against latest stable , so others users insterested in Cywin port can colaborate and give feedback.

-- AngelCarpintero - 21 Aug 2009

Hello Angel and others,

I intend on providing a patch to contribute back to this cool project. Any suggestions on how to provide it? I have never done this before, so any tips are appreciated. If I don't hear any replies when I come up with the patch, I'll just paste it in here.

Status: So far I've been able to run Motion on Cygwin using ffmpeg compression support. I have been able to generate timelapse mpeg1 videos in addition to quicktime mov files. I am cleaning up the things I've done to make Motion + ffmpeg 0.5 work on Cygwin 1.7 beta. Currently I'm trying to get a good work-around for a deficiency in the POSIX mkdir() on cygwin- it returns EACCES (permission denied) when attempting to mkdir /cygdrive/c in the create_path function in motion.c. Mkdir is supposed to return EEXIST if a directory exists, but I guess windoze returns permission denied. Note: recursive directory structure creation seems to work in /home/username, for example, but it would be nice to support /cygdrive/letter/path paths. I hope to be done soon and will provide a patch for others to try.

Thanks, Tom

-- TomBuaas - 26 Aug 2009

Hi All! I've been hacking away for the past few days and am happy with what I cooked up. Take a look at the patches section, and the patch entitled "CygwinPatch" is what I put together. Here's a link: Cheers! Tom

-- TomBuaas - 27 Aug 2009

Thanks Tom smile

-- AngelCarpintero - 28 Aug 2009

Motion isn't building for me under cygwin with your patch. It seems to get hung up in building ffmpeg.c because it isn't finding the ffmpeg stuff it needs quite right - first configure doesn't seem to be setting HAVE_FFMPEG_NEW so it craps out after that section. If I force HAVE_FFMPEG_NEW in configure then it craps out not finding the avstring.h include within the HAVE_FFMPEG_NEW section.

-- HickDQuille - 15 Jan 2010

If you have build error about missing avstring.h try adding CFLAG to your Makefile: -DFFMPEG_NEW_INCLUDES

-- TosiaraT - 27 Dec 2013

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