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Feature Request: dublicate stream


a virtual device which duplicates the video device would be great. for it would make it possible to start any video program on motion detection e.g.: "on_event_start ffmpeg ..." (and deactivate it "on_event_end ...") which may solve problems like: Feature Request: Sound recording feature and Feature Request: super resolution and Feature Request: Passing ffmpeg flags

a implementation as pipe in which motion starts to write on "on_event_start" via `tee` and ends on "on_event_end" seems to be sufficient.

-- QmysjwxB8zhc25n - 01 Oct 2009

Follow up


or just like

-- QmysjwxB8zhc25n - 04 Dec 2009

Why no use vloopback for this ?

-- AngelCarpintero - 06 Dec 2009
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