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Feature Request: simple http control improvements- password camera feed, no dumb port settings


I love motion! Great program. My request is small and should be easy to code. I have it running remotely and sometimes like to look in on it. I use the http web interface on port X. I watch the live feed on port Y. The problem is that one can set a user/password for X, but not Y. There is a work around but it's annoying. Basically always open X and then change the webcam_port from 0 to Y. Then go to Y. When done, go back to X and change webcam_port back to 0. The problems with this are: 1. while I'm watching a feed, anyone else (who port scans) can too 2. I have to mess around with the settings (it's annoying) 3. (easy to fix?) I must start motion with webcam_port defined in the config file as Y, but then I have to immediately set it to 0 if I'm not interested in having it be out there on the web at that moment (just after startup). 4. Let's say I'm an idiot (it happens) and I do something very stupid like accidentally forgetting what X and Y are, and then I set webcam_port to X. Doh! That's messy. It should be easy to check and notice that if motion is serving the control on X, don't let me (through that control) set the webcam feed also to X. That's my stupidity and you can easily help me avoid badness. That's all. Thanks!

-- MotionSickness - 06 Oct 2009

Follow up

Take a look to this patch against current svn trunk :


-- AngelCarpintero - 16 Nov 2009


I was looking for this exact thing. A couple of comments said that the stream_auth_method function was incoporated into the latest Motion. I just installed it and didn't see this option in the Motion.conf file. Has it been removed?

-- EricRead - 10 Jun 2013

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TopicTitle simple http control improvements- password camera feed, no dumb port settings
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