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Feature Request: Show FPS in Text Features


With Text Features from motion.conf we can show :


%v = event

%q = frame number

%t = thread (camera) number

%D = changed pixels

%N = noise level

%i = width of motion area

%J = height of motion area

%K = X coordinate of motion center

%L = Y coordinate of motion center

%C = value defined by text_event


on our images and films...

BUT, it will be very usefull (for tuning motion.conf and to choose the correct Capture Card / Video Camera / Personal Computer hardware chain) if can be implemented also the value of the REAL frames per second (FPS) of the video stream, not the value of the framerate option from motion.conf.

You know, something like here : or here :

-- FlorinAnton - 04 Jan 2010

Follow up

I think is pretty easy to draw current FPS , this option could added in trunk as we use current FPS to ffmpeg creation too.

-- AngelCarpintero - 07 Jan 2010


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