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Feature Request: Contiguous pixels only in threshold test


A contiguous pixel count should be used for the threshold setting. In other words, all pixels would need to be in contact with each other an not be added together from multiple events in the image. As an example.

Threshold is set to 500 px. A bush in the left side of the frame triggers 250 pixels and then a tree in the right side of the frame moves 300 pixels at the same time. This would cause a false event. The 500 pixels should be derived from a single object moving in the frame.

This would be very helpful when you cant use a mask on an outdoor camera since you need to monitor the entire frame.

-- RandyRusso - 26 Feb 2010

Follow up


Labeling is expected to do it , so try to enable it.

You can see function alg_labeling() in file alg.c

-- AngelCarpintero - 21 Mar 2010


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