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Feature Request: Long Time motion detection/ Static or absolute comparison


Dear motion developers,

I am (and perhaps others) in the need of providing motion with a static picture file like a .jpg for very slow moving objects/ long time motion detection. I looked over the description of motion and didn't find such a feature.

This could be reached:

* detection of very slow moving objects in technology and nature

* detection of absolute abbreviation of the appearance of an object, perhaps even time triggered: Example: At 10:00am the parking lot X must be free - Starting motion with freeparking_lot.jpg** at 10:00am - If there is a car motion takes photo (with the plates) and give out alarm

* detection of intrusion of very slow moving persons (german state officials or mexican burglar, just kidding)

** Perhaps there could be a flag NO_MOTION (cnt->current_image->diffs < cnt->treshold ). Then my feature could be used with a positive detection: Starting motion with car.jpg at 10:00am - car detected - starting motion with ferrari.jpg - If there is a ferrari motion takes photo (with the plates) and give out a loud alarm

Many thanks and respect to the people working on motion (of which I just recent heard at my first linux course). Now a am burning to participate with my ancient C-knowledge from school.


Ruben Fuchs

-- RubenFuchs - 16 Apr 2010

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