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Feature Request: Virtual light sensor from the image


It would be great, if motion will have conversion specifier which implies a value of current light. For example ,my picture is 528x432 pix, on php I has this code:


$image = imagecreatefromjpeg("last.jpg");

for($y=0; $y<432; $y++)


for($x=0; $x < 528; $x++)


$rgb = imagecolorat($image, $x, $y);

$total += $rgb;



$result = round($total / 228096, 0);

$current_light = round($result / 1000000, 2);


If now the day in my room light , $current_light is about 3 .. 6 , if now evening , twilight, $current_light is about 1.5 ... 3 , if night < 1.5

-- StPavel - 02 Nov 2010

Follow up


Unfortunately cameras usually have agc (automatic gain control). This will multiply the detected values by 2x,4x,etc. This would introduce sudden current_light changes. You can only guess the agc current value e.g. if all lower bit is 0, then it must be at least agc x2...

-- LaszloVarga - 25 Jan 2011
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