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Feature Request: computer vision


The feature would use the library computer vision and allow basic detection. The options can be: detected_gun, gun-toting, detected_face Another excellent option would be to detect the rapid change in the number of people. Ex: change in the detection of two people to eight people in less than 30 seconds

It would be great

-- EdimilsonRamos - 04 Jan 2011

Follow up


Other interesting features are possible within the computer vision. 1 - count people entering and leaving: Area: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 <area_people_in = 456> or <area_people_out = 654> variable <% pin> stores how many people entered

2 - diretion detecting people moving: using a trigger to identify the change in direction: up, down, right, left (based on area) Based on the width can have a variable: <% position_people> or <% pp>

3 - the possibility of using detected_gun, gun-toting, detected_face: a trigger should exist enabling the use of scripts and also a variable that identifies which camera fired the trigger, the next captured frames can be circumvented in red. A configuration option would define how many frames have red-rimmed. Ex: <frame_red_cv_detected = 50>

-- EdimilsonRamos - 06 Jan 2011
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