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Feature Request: rolling date/time stamp output directory name support


Thanks for the already amazing app!

I'd love to output files based on date and current hour, it would make management of the snapshots so much easier!


target_dir "/tmp/motion/%Y%m%d/%H/"

-- AlexUpton - 07 Jan 2011

Follow up


Well I guess you can do that using jpeg_filename property which accepts folder separator.

Mine is currenty: target_dir /var/www/camera jpeg_filename %d.%m.%Y/%Hh/%T-%q

For example, I have a file at the following location: /var/www/camera/20.01.2011/07h/15:23:53-02.jpg

-- Sha4096Sha4096 - 20 Jan 2011

I've tried that for ffmpeg output and noticed motion won't actually create the directories but will populate them if they already exist.

-- DocBrown - 20 Dec 2011

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TopicTitle rolling date/time stamp output directory name support
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SubmittedBy Alex Upton
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