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Feature Request: More features to control for uvc cameras


Would be nice to have an opportunity to control Gain, Exposure, Backlight Compensation, White Balance Temperature. When using some cheap uvc cameras outdoors I usually get white image when it's sunny, because I do not have the control of exposure (auto does it's job rather badly in sunlight). I know about uvcdyncntrl , but I'm using motion with OpenWRT and my routers have only 4 mb of flash but libwebcam depends on several libs that just do not fit in that 4mb of flash. Using external usb flash ruins the stability of router it hangs rather often. If you implemented the control of Brightness, Contrast and Hue why not to add another ones?

-- SergTikhvinskiy - 09 Jun 2011

Follow up


I need the same.

-- LuisBackup - 30 Apr 2014
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