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Feature Request: Problem to camera Crative


Welcome My English is not good but I will try to stretch something.

I have a Tp-Link router and 1043nd OpeWrt software loaded, I wanted to connect a camera and it worked in theory but, as I enter the page to see the image is just a gray background and nothing more.

How will check that errors will support PUTTY crashes "motion" is something "
[1] Error starting stream VIDIOC_STREAMON: Input / output error
[1] Failed with YUV420P, trying YUV422 palette: Invalid argument
[1] Failed with YUV422, trying yuyv palette: Invalid argument
[1] Failed with yuyv, trying RGB24 palette: Invalid argument
[1] Failed with RGB24, trying Greyscale palette: Invalid argument
[1] Failed with all supported palettes - giving up: Invalid argument
[1] Could not fetch initial image from camera "
My camera is VID_041E & Creativ VF0260 PID_405. Can you do something on the forum because I was advised to report this fact to the developer's motion.

-- DariuszBaranski - 14 Jul 2011

Follow up


-- DariuszBaranski - 14 Jul 2011
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